Forms not working after updating to Gravity 2.7?

I am a huge Gravity Forms fan and now more than ever sine their update to Gravity Forms 2.7 with one of the new features being the handful of ready-made templates. I have been hoping for this for quite some time 🙂

But with this update, some clients were having issues with the redirects not working or add-on hooks not entering the additional form fields into their CRMs. With a less than 24-hour support reply, here’s some tips on troubleshooting if you find yourself in the same situation.

Since updating to 2.7+, have you cleared the caches of any themes, plugins, and services the site could be using that include caching/optimization features? I also recommend clearing the browser cache before testing again.

If not, and your form is using the honeypot feature, then the cached page won’t include the required script to add a hash to the submission. Resulting in the submissions failing honeypot validation and therefore being ignored.

You might also want to go to the Form Settings page and configure the new “if the honeypot flags a submission as spam” setting so that the entries are saved and marked as spam.

Hope it helps!

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