Change Project Description Project Details and Skills Needed etc. text labels in Avada

UPDATE:  For newer Avada versions,  I recommend using the Layouts feature. Here you can fully customize the Portfolio page so you won’t have a need for the below “fix.” More info here about that:

Many of like to use Avada Portfolio feature for things besides a typical portfolio due to its nice organizational structure.  But in many cases the Labels like Categories, Skills, Project just don’t work with your subject matter. Here’s a clean and easy way to change them… This is an example where we added a Salon’s beauty professionals. Notice under Skills Needed, we left that blank.

add_filter(‘gettext’, ‘translate_text’);
add_filter(‘ngettext’, ‘translate_text’);
function translate_text($translated) {
$translated = str_ireplace( ‘Project Details’, ‘Specialties’, $translated );
$translated = str_ireplace( ‘Project Description’, ‘Product Description’, $translated );
$translated = str_ireplace( ‘Skills Needed:’, ”, $translated );
$translated = str_ireplace( ‘Categories:’, ‘Location’, $translated );
$translated = str_ireplace( ‘Tags:’, ‘Products’, $translated );
return $translated;

Example in action:

This code should be placed in the functions.php file of your active **child** theme.

NOTE: The below fix may not work for all versions, if not, please check this link:  Avada Portfolio Filters.


2 thoughts on “Change Project Description Project Details and Skills Needed etc. text labels in Avada”

  1. Hi do you by any chance have a version of this that works with the newer theme? I tried to put this in my function.php and it gave me an error on the first line! Thank you so much!


    1. Hi Kathy, If you are using the newer Avada version, you’re better building the page in Avada Layouts. It’s super flexible and you won’t need the “fix.” I never like adding overrides like this for Avada as they update core files so often, its always better to build inside their platform where possible. 🙂

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