Avada Compatibility Update For WordPress 5.6

Compatibility with WordPress is at the center of every theme and plugin developer’s mandate, and here at ThemeFusion, this is no different. We consistently advocate via social media and our support channels for all Avada users to ensure that their theme and plugins are kept up to date at all times.

WordPress 5.6 And Important Changes

The release of WordPress 5.6 on the 8th of December, 2020, will be shipped with significant WordPress roadmap changes and, in particular, the next step in their teams breaking change update for the included jQuery library.

This November, Marius Jensen announced the change on the Make Core blog. The following jQuery-related libraries will ship in the WordPress 5.6 update (WordPress Trac ticket):

  • jQuery 3.5.1
  • jQuery Migrate 3.3.2
  • jQuery UI 1.12.1

As this is a major upgrade to the jQuery library within WordPress, it will be imperative that anyone who is not running the latest version of the Avada theme to update to version 7.1.2 (as of the writing of this post) and plugins accordingly. The detailed theme update instructions are provided below:

Avada Update Instructions

To ensure that your theme installation is up to date with the latest version available, Avada 7.1.2, please update. These are our detailed theme update instructions:

It is also essential to ensure any patches that our team releases between update cycles are applied as part of ongoing maintenance for your install and always clear your cache plugins post update.

  • The current Avada version is 7.1.2

  • The current Fusion Builder version is 3.1.1
  • The current Fusion Core version is 5.1.1

Do I Need to Update My Theme?

Yes, and only if you update WordPress to version 5.6 without updating the theme as well. You will need to update the theme to the latest version, Avada 7.1.2, to ensure compatibility.

If You Need Support

If you require some guidance or assistance from our support team, please make sure that you register a support account and then submit your support ticket here.

If for some reason you cannot submit a support ticket you can contact us here.

In Summary

Our team constantly monitors the WordPress development cycle. As has and always will be the case, we are dedicated to delivering the best working experience to everyone who uses the Avada Website Builder with any new version of WordPress. We also continue to release up to the minute documentation and video tutorials to make your experience of using Avada even better.

We also encourage you to follow our social media accounts for anything that Avada users need to be prepared for and functionality pertaining to WordPress and future roadmap progress.

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