9 Tips for Creating a Great Customer Testimonial Page

Based on many great examples, here are some tips and ideas you can use when designing and building your testimonials page:

  1. Use the highest-quality photos and video you can manage (send out a crew if you can!)
  2. Make your customers look good (not just your own business and your product)
  3. Ask your customers to share concrete numbers that demonstrate the ways you helped their business
  4. Give visitors to your page the ability to filter testimonials or case studies by industry, company size, and location so they can find the stories that are most relevant to them
  5. Try out different formats – tweets and other social media posts can be testimonials! (Just get permission)
  6. Make it easy for more customers to submit a testimonial
  7. Don’t forget to use testimonials across your site where you want to drive conversions – including the home page
  8. Don’t just use quotes; show examples of your product in action
  9. Display a mixture of familiar logos and real customer faces

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